Universal Peace Federation, Ukraine

Ambassadors for Peace

Ambassador for Peace – is a title presented by Universal Peace Federation to individuals as recognition of their peacemaking merits. This title entrusts the mission to serve humankind for the sake of universal well-being.

Ambassador for Peace is a leader in all public spheres devoted to formation of harmonious world community realizing Peacemaking Principles of Universal Peace Federation.

Ambassadors for Peace are guided by following Peacemaking Principles:

  1. We all are one family of humankind;
  2. Best qualities of humans originate in spirituality and morality;
  3. Family – is a school of love and peace;
  4. Reconciliation of divided family of humankind is possible only when guided by the principle of “living for the sake of others”;
  5. Peace is possible to achieve through cooperation beyond ethnical, religious and national boundaries.

Ambassadors for Peace Activities

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