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Волонтери з різних куточків країни приїхали на спільний проект у КиївWe all live in one country and it does not matter what language we speak and what region we are from. The point is to learn to build a dialogue, to understand each other, and to define common concepts and values. Through volunteer projects for youth we can overcome barriers and misunderstandings. Common work brings people together.


Міжнародний день солідарності молодіOn April 24, 2014 a methodological seminar-council dedicated to  Global Youth Service Day was held. This holiday appeared in the international calendar in order to focus attention of media, government and society on problems of young generation.


Фотовиставка «Портрети квітів»On April 12, 2014 at Kiev Children Arts Academy “Portraits of Flowers” photo exhibition had been opened. Author of exhibition Yuriy Piskovskyy is a prominent and internationally recognized architect awarded with the UN Silver Medal for significant contribution in the development of humankind.

Юнь Києва запрошуєOn October 12, 2013 UPF-Ukraine took part in the project named "Kyiv Youth invites". 



2013.09.21 soccer for peace02On the International Day of Peace, September 21, UPF together with Kyiv University of Law held a peace soccer match. The event was supported by the NGO «Peace One Day».

2013.09.20 Peace lesson01On September 20, 2013 UPF volunteers held a special peace lesson for children. The event took place at the Kyiv Gymnasium of Oriental Languages and was dedicated to the International Day of Peace. Over 60 children gathered in the gymnasium hall.

IDF Ukraine May2013Ukraine is famous for its family traditions, and therefore, family values and the actual International Day of Families were widely celebrated in Kiev.

City authorities invited the families of Kiev to the Operetta Theatre, where the best families, according to the results of the contest, were awarded. After the official part, children performed the musical  perfomence "Bremen Town Musicians".

Науково-практична конференція «Компетентісні засади змісту освіти в 11-річній школі» 21st century, facing modern challenges, requires essential changes and reformation of contemporary education. Modern school implies the necessity of creation the life designed space for development and self-development of competent, competitive personality, able to solve problems creatively looking for changes for better in his own life and his country`s life. To discuss and solve such important issues, Nationwide Scientific-Practical Conference “Competence Essentials of Education Content in 11-years School” was held on March 28-29, 2013 at Pechersk Gymnasium  No. 75 of Kiev city. This conference was initiated mainly by Mr. Yermakov Ivan Gnatovych, Professor of History, Ambassador for Peace.

20 березня в Києві відбулася зустріч Послів МируMeeting of Ambassadors for Peace was organized in Kiev on March 20. At first a report about World Summit 2013 that took place in Korea was heard. Everybody was touched with the advancing intercultural and interfaith dialog that becomes prevailing tendency in the world community and with the scale of events that allows Universal Peace Federation to keep leading position in the realm of peacemaking activities.

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