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Peace road project is a global peace project to bring peace and prosperity to the world. And to end the various problems that cause disputes and conflicts Such as racial or religion in the world. 

The International Peace Road, proposed at the 10th International conference on the unity of the sciences in 1981 a way to implement peace in the world. International Peace Road has a vision to connect the world into one transport network and to end the various problems that cause disputes and conflicts.


Peace Road project October 16, 2021

Seventeen members of the Youth Federation for Peace with the support of the Universal Peace Federation conducted the international annual project "Peace Road -2021" on October 16, 2021.

They drove about 20 km around the city, including the center of the capital and historical places.

They also conducted a social survey on peace and cooperation between the countries.





Peace Road project from July 12 to 15, 2019

Participants covered 2,000 km from Kyiv to the city of Auschwitz visiting the Auschwitz Museum. The project involved 15 students from South Korea and Ukrainians as well.



Peace Road project July 17, 2017

More than 100 young people gathered on the event eve to support the Peace Road international initiative and put their signatures on the banner. And on July 17, 2017, young people got together for a bike ride on the roads of the city of Kiev, having traveled 15 kilometers.


Peace Road project from August 11 to 21, 2016

Japanese volunteers together with Ukrainians took part in a motor rally Kiev - Rivne - Grushev - Kiev, a total length of 1200 km. Then there was a run for peace. For men the distance was 7000 m, for women 3000 m. A total of about 130 people took part in the run.


Peace Road project from July 25 to August 4, 2015

Active citizens, initiative groups, clubs, NGOs, business companies and government representatives from eight cities of Ukraine - participants of the Peace Road project covered a distance of 1800 kilometers from Dnipro to Krakivets and back to Kyiv.








The current situation in the world clearly shows the general necessity to search for new approaches to achieving peace and peacemaking initiatives. The conflict in Syria, the constant tension on the Korean Peninsula, military conflicts in Iraq, the tense situation in Iran, the confrontation in the Gaza Strip are just a few examples of the conflicts taking place in the world today.  No one could imagine that after 70 years of peace, Ukraine would be dragged into a military confrontation. There are currently over 40 military conflicts in the world. It is no longer a secret that the UN, which was created with the purpose of contributing to the establishment of peace in the world, is not able to cope on its own with the weight of the problems that our critical world is facing.

Current approaches to resolving conflicts have shown their impossibility in establishing peace and building cooperation and understanding. It is time to rethink the ways and approaches to resolving these issues.

In 2014, with the initiative of the community and with the support of the Universal Peace Federation and the Kiev city center "Rodynnyi Dim" the movement "Children: Ambassadors of Peace" was launched. The purpose of the movement is to educate young people, which in the future will become leaders of civil society, education character of a peacemaker, the formation of internal characteristics of mature individuals who can take responsibility for the establishment of peace in the family, society, country and world.

Taking into consideration the conflict that is taking place in Ukraine, peace is especially important for us. The whole country is united in these difficult times. Volunteers, community activists, politicians, parents, and children — all have joined in these difficult times for the country, all supporting the army and volunteers. Insanely, it is significant and ultimately necessary for our country. We find ourselves in a situation that forces us to think about what peacemaking is and how to achieve lasting peace. To achieve a lasting peace, the idea of war must be rooted in human conscience. 

One of the main features is that the movement "Children: Ambassadors for Peace" was initiated by the children themselves, indicating their great desire to live in peace, which proves that such activity is a valid tool of public diplomacy.

Universal Peace Federation holds conferences, discussion panels to promote effective dialogue between representatives of various organizations, countries, nations, cultures and religions, to spread out idea of peace, tolerance, family values. Such an action allows to consolidate huge peacemaking potential and experience of our country and to integrate it various international peacemaking programs.

Peace – is a hope and aspiration of all humans.
Peace – is not just absence of war, but harmonious cooperation and well-being.  
Peace – is a word equally applied as to family relationships as to relationships between community members as to relationships between various communities beyond race, religion, nationality and culture. Peace brings prosperity and well-being.
Peace – is the essence of all world religions, underlying all morality systems and society ideals.

Universal Peace Federation supports development of sports as means to achieve peace, harmony, mutual understanding and to promote healthy lifestyle.

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