About Us

Universal Peace Federation (UPF) – international public organization founded to create world peace where everybody would live in harmony, cooperation and common wealth.

In Ukraine conference dedicated to Universal Peace Federation Inauguration was held on October 20, 2005 in Ukrainian House. Conference was an opportunity to join global peacemaking activities, to take an active part in international projects, reaching new level of activity and self-realization. Representatives of non-governmental organizations, educationists, scholars, religious leaders and everyone concerned about searching ways to establish solid peace all over the world. In 2007 international public organization “Universal Peace Federation” had been founded.

Main tasks declared by Universal Peace Federation are:

  • Promoting cooperation between governments, public organizations, representatives of various religions for the sake of development of society according to universal values of humankind;
  • Cooperation with UN;
  • International  and Interfaith cooperation;
  • Establishing culture of peace through education, sports, culture, media and charity;
  • Prevention of conflicts;
  • Creation of strong families as everyone`s contribution to world peace;
  • Character education as a lifelong process.  

Focus Areas:

  • Promoting formation of civil society through peace culture education, formation of high spiritual, moral and family values for creation of the peaceful global family, beyond religion, race or nationality,  that will seek harmony, cooperation and common well-being;
  • Contribution to development of education and public consciousness – cooperating with state bodies and local authorities, relative educational structures;
  • Promoting fruitful dialogue between representatives of various organizations, nations, nationalities, cultures, ethnic. religious groups, ages and genders underlying the world peace and stability;
  • Promoting unification of public organizations for world peace and prosperity at all levels – personal, family, community, nation and world;
  • Promoting unification of individuals and public organizations supporting Declaration of human rights especially focusing on (a) human dignity, (b) human rights universal nature, (c) family, as stated in Article 16 of Declaration;
  • Cooperating with other public and governmental structures to help member organizations in common interest areas to achieve declares goals and tasks providing forums for cooperation and exchange of information among members of Federation;
  • Assisting educational programs and activities supporting virginity and sexual morality, creation of strong marriages and family relationships;
  • Cooperation and exchange of experience with domestic and international organizations.

In USA Universal Peace Federation was inaugurated on September 12, 2005 in New York during International Leaders Summit “Challenges and Changes Times in Global Governance and Civil Society: from Peace Council to Peace in Countries”.

Universal Peace Federation was founded as organization dedicated to impersonate the highest model of governance since it is prehistoric dream of mankind on the way to achieve solid peace.
In order to solve critical problems of society, in compliance with its vision and underlying principle of “living for the sake of others”, Federation inspires fruitful cooperation of concerned secular and religious leaders, people from political circles and public organizations.

Universal Peace Federation is dedicated to become a new type organization determined to combine efforts of political, public and religious leaders to solve global problems.

This vision is necessary to transform today`s world of conflicts, suffering and poverty into the world of sustainable prosperity and well-being.  

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