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International Day of Peace

sport-peaceInternational Day of Peace was celebrated on Sept. 19, 2015 in sports and recreation complex Kyiv University of Law Sciences of Ukraine. On this day held friendly competitions on mini-football among higher educational institutions of the  Kyiv city. "Today with sport - with the future of tomorrow."

First in the Kyiv Law University competition of  mini football was held three years ago. University leadership actively supported the initiative of "Peace one Day" and the Universal Peace Federation. If in 2013 the competition took only two teams, but this year joined the campaign team of the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine; Interregional higher professional school of communication (girls soccer team); Kiev Theological Academy Kyiv Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Every year more and more participants involved.

Student teams were supported and greet by Mr.Prudnyk Eugene, arm-wrestling world champion, Ukrainian actor Kyiv National Operetta Theatre; Mr. Kolisnichenko Ruslan, coordinator of youth programs "Universal Peace Federation,"  presented certificates "Youth Peace Ambassador" pupils Sviatoshynsky region youth center "Leader", vocal duet "Sisters Adriana and Midyeya Narutski" - the most active participants in sports.

Volunteer Saori Kikuchi from Japan, who taught Ukrainian to make origami, said that origami-crane - a symbol of the bird of happiness. According to her, in Japan there tradiion if they make 1,000 pieces, the dream will come true and will come peace.

Members friendly sports competitions on mini-football was awarded diplomas of rector, Professor Yuri Boshytskoho. The victory in the competition received a friendship in the name of peace.

International Day of Peace









International Day of Peace












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