Universal Peace Federation, Ukraine

X Congress Junior Ambassador for Peace

 Opening of the X Congress of Junior Ambassador for Peace “All together - for peace!” took place in the specialized school 85 of Kyiv city.

Despite all the obstacles, the air raid, during which the participants had to wait in the bomb shelter, all the children arrived on time, and the event took place.

There were two stages of the Congress. In the first stage, on September 21, 29 participating schools held a campaign, International Peace Day, under the name “International Movement in Application.” On the 26th of September, delegates from the school gathered to present the results of their activities.

According to tradition, the opening took place with the national anthem of Ukraine and a moment of silence. Then, there were flashmobs from junior and senior students. The dance touched the hearts of everyone present.


The second stage occurred in the school hall: “Children are ambassadors for peace.” 

Ambassadors for peace, government representatives, and non-governmental and educational organizations participated in the Congress’s work. Foreign guests were also invited but attended via the Internet.

Mykhailo Ilin, head of UPF Ukraine, underlined  that today’s event is the tens anniversary of the “Congress of Junior Ambassadors for  Peace.”

All participants could see the 10-year activity report of the Junior Ambassadors for Peace movement, which Ksenia Abramovich presented.

The speeches of foreign participants were given by the chairman of the Universal Peace Federation of Central Europe, Dr. Dieter Schmidt, the Chairman of the Thousand Cranes Foundation, Nabuko Omori, and the Youth Peace Ambassador from Poland, Kinga Filipowicz.

Most active students certificates. Got as an award the “JUNIOR AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE.” 

In her heartfelt speech, the representative of the Secretariat of the National Commission of Ukraine for UNESCO, Olena Shtepa, encouraged participants to bring about peace worldwide.

 The draft resolution X of the Congress of Young Ambassadors of Peace was read by the head of the coordination council, Ksenia Abramovych.

In the end, the slogan that always unites all participants of the Congress was sounded.

     “Peace to our home! Peace to your home! Peace to planet Earth!”



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