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Global Youth Service Day

Міжнародний день солідарності молодіOn April 24, 2014 a methodological seminar-council dedicated to  Global Youth Service Day was held. This holiday appeared in the international calendar in order to focus attention of media, government and society on problems of young generation.


Representatives of governmental bodies, scholars, social activists, youth and students of Kyiv universities and colleges took part in the event. The Head of Kyiv Center “Family House” Galyna Kozlova opened the event and greeted all participants especially youth with the holiday. During the discussion guests learned about activities of City Social Service and how it helps youth.

Representatives of International Migration Organization (IMO) told about problems of Human Trafficking and main methods of its prevention.

Member of Pedagogical Science Academy Vasyl Tkachenko raised the issue of importance of education for youth. Educated person makes conscious choice and it is difficult to manipulate such a person. For that reason Mr. Tkachenko wished all participants to continue their education during all their life and always move forward to their dream.

The Head of International public organization “MOZIRON” Svitlana Vynogradenko suggested youth participants to join volunteers` projects and offered her assistance.

The Head of Universal Peace Federation Mykhailo Ilyin paid attention to some shortcomings of youth policy in Ukraine. He noted that regardless of efforts of government officials to form and realize youth programs there is no clear strategic goal concerning what kind of youth the nation wants to have. Meanwhile the lack of one long-term program does not enable deputies and government officials to work for its implementation in spite of changes of state power.

He expressed the idea that one of the main directions in youth policy should be formation of the concept – “Citizen of Ukraine”.

State and non-governmental organizations should offer the possibility to define common values to young people from different regions of the country in spite of some cultural differences.

It is also important to stimulate young people to think over essential characteristics of Ukrainian society and first of all to encourage them to take part in life of their communities. In order to feel themselves Ukrainians youth should know about their important role in building today and future Ukraine.

Some practical steps concerning realization of proposals had been presented.

Those steps include joint volunteer projects for youth from different regions of Ukraine. Through such projects young people could get acquainted with each other and with particularities of each region of Ukraine. In such natural way all misunderstandings and barriers between young people would disappear. Participants had been suggested to take part right in projects of May 2nd and 5th.

Mykhailo Ilin expressed his opinion about what kind of country he would like our country to be. It should be united country, united society based on family values of love, mutual respect and serving society where everybody are governed by one law and are equal before it.


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