Universal Peace Federation, Ukraine

International Conference "Historical Origins of the Ukrainian Peacemaking"

In order to address urgent social problems the Universal Peace Federation inspires constructive cooperation among educators, researchers, interested secular and religious leaders, and people from political circles and NGOs. Each year in October, the Federation is organizing an international conference to consolidate the public’s efforts in solving important problems.

This year the conference was held on October 24 at the "Kozatskiy" hotel located in the heart of Kyiv on Independence Square. The event was attended by over 200 guests, including representatives of NGOs, leaders in such areas as: education, science and culture, as well as foreign visitors. The theme of the conference was “Historical Origins of the Ukrainian Peacemaking.”

The conference began with the solemn national anthem of Ukraine performed by Elena Goncharuk. The first speaker was Vasyl Kostytsky, Doctor of Law, Head of the National Expert Commission of Ukraine on Public Ethics, associate member of National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine. He spoke on the issue of information security in Ukrainian political and legal practice and on the importance of peace in the information sector. "Peaceful actions are stronger than tanks’ shots therefore the state’s peace policy is able to withstand any current challenges," said Vasyl Kostytsky in his speech.

Anatoliy Tolstouhov - Doctor of Philosophy, Member of the National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine raised the issue of peacemaking in contemporary Ukrainian politics. In his speech he said that Ukraine’s civilizational mission is to be a bridge between the East and the West. "We have to synthesize, not contradistinguish," said Anatoly Tolstouhov.

Ambassador for Peace from Japan, Mrs. Nobuko Omori in her speech spoke about the path to world peace. "How can we create lasting peace? First, we must awaken our original nature, which is called conscience. On this basis, if all people will work and spread the peace movement, our life and history will undoubtedly change," said Mrs. Nobuko Omori.

At the end of the conference chairman of the Universal Peace Federation of Ukraine, Mykhailo Ilin gave a speech on the subject "Ukraine is a country of peace." "A peaceful beginning makes possible a peaceful process and the achievement of a peaceful purpose. Humanity should realize its destiny as one family, transcending not only the obstacles existing in people's minds but also national borders. This movement grows one family at a time. So, we must remember that the creation and strengthening of true families is the historical task, and the solution of this task will bring peace on earth."

In his speech, Mykhailo Ilin proposed to create an educational program "Teen Ambassador for Peace" and "Youth Ambassador for Peace" through which young people of our country can participate in the formation of a true Ukrainian nation and its identity in the age of globalization.

The conference also included the award ceremony of the honorary title "Ambassador for Peace." Eight people received the award, each of whom made ​​significant contributions to the development of the culture of peace in our society.

The conference concluded with a wonderful musical greeting from the vocal ensemble "Namysto." The musical director of the ensemble is Galina Martinenko, Ambassador for Peace.

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