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Legacy of Peace

Legacy of Peace“Diplomatic Ukraine” presented its 15th annual release on December 29th, 2014 at the Central Building of National Pedagogical M.P. Dragomanov University. However it was not sole release of that year. “Famous compatriots” book and one more book about life and activity of Dr. Moon Sung Myung, founder of Federation, were published in cooperation with Israel Embassy.

Now Ukraine proved at the frontline of conflict between old and new ages. Although country liberated from influence of communist politics, economics and culture, it suffers cultural, political and economical turmoil on 24th year of its independence.

Legacy of Peace bookAll countries seek world peace. However, can they achieve it? World peace is a result, and it is obviously illogical to state that we can achieve it beginning with wrong start that is having wrong cause. Therefore we can find the starting point to the world of stable peace only by developing movement which enables to overcome the source of conflict. Perfect cause generates perfect consequence so it is theoretically right to state that peaceful start enables peaceful process and achievement of peaceful goal. From this point of view we can realize that we would never achieve the world peace by keeping hostile feelings towards neighbor nation, self-excusing that it would be our historical enemy.

How to solve conflict in a peaceful way by means of “soft power”? Our social and political activists can find that knowledge from life experience of Moon Sung Myung. The book was published at the end of the year and it was presented at international conference in Kishinev on December 6th.

Kravchuk L.M. presented it to journalists from South Korea on December 10th at his office on Grushevskogo Street.

Representatives of 24 foreign embassies in Ukraine, public and political activists attended the presentation of the book on December 29th.



International conference in Kishinev (Moldova)

 President Leonid Kravchuk during meeting with journalists from South Korea








29 грудня 2014 року під час презентації

 December 29th, 2014 during presentation








 December 29th, 2014 during presentation









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