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Conference Eurasia – Europe: Dialogue For Peace

During the conferenceThat conference became a part of a wider series of conferences on actual problems of Eurasia, Europe and the world. In the last few years such conferences were held at UN HQ in Geneva and Vienna, national parliaments of Great Britain and Norway.


The conference was organized by representatives of public organizations and civil society. In Kishinev conference was attended by Margareth Timofti, First Lady of Republic of Moldova, Dr. Chung Jin Hwa, head of UPF Eurasia, Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, president of Universal Peace Federation. VIP speakers and delegations from academic circles, civil society, mass media and educational circles took part in the conference as well. Representatives from Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, USA, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Korea and Japan spoke at the conference.

Ukraine was represented by Valentyna Yefremova, art researcher, Honorary Figure of Culture of Ukraine (Ukrainian Culture Foundation) on topic “Spirituality and culture on the way of building peace”; Olexander Sagan, Doctor of Philosophy (Institute of Philosophy) on topic “Intercultural dialogue as base of paradigm of new cooperation between peoples” and Viktor Soldatenko, Doctor of Philosophy on topic “Agreement of Association between Ukraine and European Union – way to peace and sustainable social and economical development”.

The conference was attended by many young people and it is pleasant because through communication we learn better each other and disclose that people in the world who seek peace, progress, independent existence of their countries and understand each other in those issues. Participants suggested exchange of cultural projects, sports programs, for people to be closer and to bring joy and celebration to daily life.

People in other countries are poorly informed and ignorant of real situation in Ukraine and changes of mindset of Ukrainians for the last year. Revolution of Dignity united Ukrainian people around national values, national symbols, anthem and flag. Ukraine is a peaceful country that builds civilized society open for cooperation with countries of global community. We are educated based upon our priority values – goodness, friendship, love. European progressive guidelines are important for Ukrainians. We seek global peace as great Shevchenko declared. Participants of conference discussed ways of development and strengthening of peace culture as a source of unity of individuals, communities, nationalities, races and nations. Hopefully conference will promote peacekeeping and development for everybody based upon common values and good practice. The goal is development of proposals and obligations for promotion of cultural rapprochement and building of sustainable peace in global community.

Moldova, Kishinev, conference hall of Kodru Hotel, December, 5-7, 2014.

Valentina Efremova


The First Lady of Moldova and Secretary General of UPFOleksand Sagan on the panal secion

Viktor Soldatenko during the conference





















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