Universal Peace Federation, Ukraine

An art therapy project at the educational center

On January 25, an art therapy project was held at the educational center (school)  №21 in the Obolon district of Kyiv as part of the “Safe Space to Talk” initiative.

The event was organized by the Universal Peace Federation and the Women's Federation for World Peace together with volunteers from the Polish Foundation "Sphere of Unity".

The famous artist Natalia Bug worked with children.  From the first minutes, Ms. Natalia captured the hearts of the children and they gladly began to paint.  Some with a brush, some with fingers, but the drawings turned out to be very bright and positive. Ms. Natalia helped everyone to draw those whom they wanted and advised them on what colors to use.  







One girl accidentally stained the banner of the federation, but she was not confused and quickly fixed it. She turned the stain into a beautiful fox, changing the negative into a positive.  This was the general mood of the event.  In the end, the children thanked the artist and ran off to give their drawings to other children.



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